На тему рефрейминга, чтобы не потерялось 

eugzol в посте Metapractice (оригинал в ЖЖ)

Цитата из Эриксона:
(1) Unconscious5 conflict and indecision within the psyche gives rise to anxiety
against which defenses are erected. These defenses prevent both unconscious
resolution of the conflict and its emergence into consciousness, and may result
in inhibition of thinking, confusion, interference with activity.
(2) An unconscious conflict may be resolved unconsciously.
(3) The result produced by this unconscious work is evidenced by the emergence
into consciousness of a thought, or a decision, which the person explains
either in terms of some unconscious derivatives, more or less symbolized, or
by a rationalization.
(4) Such unconscious activity can be influenced, accelerated, or retarded by a
relationship with another person.

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